• Dane Lawing

Where to look when it's ALL beautiful.

September saw me shooting a new music video in Santorini, Greece with model, Bella Cirnski. Directed by Ali Zamani for the forthcoming song, "Wrong", this job offered me the one-two punch of incredibly photogenic subjects in both my foreground and background! Santorini is so lovely and in most any direction you point the camera, on most any part of this epical and historic island, lands one a movable visual feast that continually takes ones breath (or maybe that was all the steps!). This was my first time shooting in Greece and the sheer beauty of this volcanic pallatte allowed me to forgive the equally sheer and numerous steep steps that are required transport in the more famous, higher up villages (such as Oia and Fira) least till later in the evening! I was lucky to have an excellent local crew in 1AC Michalis Gkatzogias and Gaffer Triantafyllos Alexiou. This is a country I will greatly look forward to returning to.

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