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Good planning makes good days.

Sometimes we all just need a fun day. A simple shoot that goes well, surrounded by a crew of friends with little of the "dramatic" part of the dramatic arts rearing its draconian head. Today was one of those days. A promo shoot for Showtime, featuring Steve Howey from their series, "Shameless".

Working with people I consider dear was just the type of R&R job I needed. Joshua Liberman gaffing. Scott Froschauer - Key Grip. Katie DeTemple - 1AC: Working quickly and helping each other along, we turned the screening room at Showtime's Westwood office into an impromptu and effective green screen stage, enjoyed each other's company and wrapped early with a happy client. Days like these are necessary and represent the best of why I persist in this business.

Of course, this was possible because we had planned our day appropriately and had the right tools for the job. Keying Steve with the amazing and versatile Arri Sky Panel S-60C, augmented by a scrimmed down and snooted 400w K6500 Joker acting as an obie, 1/4 over key with 1/4 CTS, lifting his cheek bones and eye sockets, and backlighting him with a Dracast LED 500 bi-color and a 2' KinoFlo, we used some of my favorite lights to craft a simple and realistic solution to his lighting.

Shot with the Canon C300Mk2 in 4K, Canon log 2.

Below: Loving the versatile and amazing Arri Sky Panel with its integrated digital gel libraries. Joshua and Scott try out a single net.

With my long time Gaffer, Joshua Liberman.

Above: Rock star 1AC Katie DeTemple.

Quick screenshot of Steve Howey.

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